I Like Strong Abs, Let Me Tell You Why

We all want that illusive six pack, but the truth is, you cannot achieve this most of the time without first diet and genetics.  Some of us are just not born this way no matter how strong our abs are.  But should that stop us from wanting to work our abs and be strong in our core.  What are the added benefits to having strong abs that we might never think of.  Here are some:

  1.  Having strong abdominals reduces back pain.  This is so true in my life.  It was not until my abs were super strong that finally back pain was gone. If your abs are weak, it forces the back muscles to work harder to support your middle. Abdominal strength improves the endurance of the muscles of your back so you fatigue less easily and are less vulnerable to strain or injury.
  2. Strong abs will help your posture. Proper posture lessens the wear and tear on your spine, which is a problem because it can lead to complications such as disc herniation. More benefits of better posture: You’ll look taller, leaner and more confident, too.
  3. You are able to balance more.  In my yoga class we work the core early in the class because having balance requires a strong core.Keep in mind, balance isn’t just about standing on one leg and walking a tightrope. Balance comes into play every day — whether you’re walking on an uneven surface, riding on a bumpy road or catching yourself when taking a misstep off a curb.
  4. You will breathe better and sing better. Breathing training and core training go hand-in-hand. Developing stronger breathing muscles, such as the diaphragm.  You will have more control when you sing.  You need a strong diaphragm to hold a note.
  5. You will play better at your sports.  Sports require balance, posture, strong breathe, you get all of these from a strong core.
  6. You may live longer. People with weaker abdominal muscles are twice as likely to die compared to people with a strong midsection. Less fat around the waist decreases the risk of developing heart disease, high blood pressure, high blood LDL cholesterol and diabetes.
  7. Your Organs are more protected. Your core is the area where all your organs and the central nervous system do work. Having a strong core ensures that everything located there is protected constantly.

I always tell my class, strong core strong body.  Don’t just work that core for the superficial benefits, but really work your core for the inner benefits of your body.  Here is a video that works all sections of the abs and ends with a delicious back stretch.