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I believe in training with intensity, eating to fuel your body and having fun while doing it. If you’re not enjoying fitness…what’s the point?!

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“I am the creator of a Training Programs, personal coach and a writer. ”

Being fit and living healthy is what I know and love. Fitness has always been a part of my life. I grew up in a fit family—my dad ran marathons, we had a home gym, and my parents always had gym memberships.


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I have been going to Diana’s classes for three years now. I used to have a stiff shoulder and lower back. I have had a desk job for years. Diana targets all my pain and strengthened my core. I am pain free now. I will always exercise with Diana.


I have never done barre before.  I was introduced to it by Diane.  I really enjoy the fact that we are doing many different exercises with the hour.  I feel like it’s the best of both worlds; you get a work out, and you get to stretch.  I feel amazing after!  I really enjoy the classes and I will continue to take them!


I love Diana’s class because she exercises  to the music & when the song is over , you’re on to the next one. Before you know it , the class is over & I feel like I’ve worked really hard.


Great whole body workout that leaves you feeling toned, flexible, and balanced. Diana keeps you motivated and focused, but leads with humor so you have a great time. Highly recommend the class!