Try this to Rev Up Your Metabolism

Try this to Rev Up Your Metabolism

What is metabolism anyway? Metabolism refers to the chemical (metabolic) processes that take place as your body converts foods and drinks into energy. It’s a complex process that combines calories and oxygen to create and release energy.

One key factor people often neglect when trying to lose weight is the importance of hormones, which control and set the pace for how quickly we burn fat and how fast we build muscle, which helps to boost metabolism.  When you eat a meal containing carbohydrates, your body releases insulin, the hormone that helps regulate blood sugar levels.  Insulin is also a fat storage hormone.  When insulin is elevated after you eat, your body will be in  a state of wanting to store fat, not burn it. It doesn’t matter if you exercise like a mad man after a meal, you won’t be able to burn body fat until insulin levels drop, which can typically take two-to-three hours, if not longer.

When we eat something, insulin levels rise, suppressing growth hormone. On the flip side, when we’re in a fasted state, insulin levels are at their lowest point, so growth hormone will be elevated. Knowing this about how hormones work, and knowing more about your own fitness level and how your body responds to exercising on an empty stomach, hopefully this will help you in achieving your optimal fitness level.

If you feel dizzy when you exercise, you might want to grab a quick carb, like a banana, before you exercise, especially if you are doing a high intense workout.  Before a strength-training workout, fuel up with a combination of carbohydrates and a little bit of protein.

Since Barre, Essentrics, Yoga or Pilates are not as intense as a high aerobic workout, or even a typical strength-training workout,  you can try exercising without eating or drinking any calories before.  See if this makes a difference.   People are all different.  I personally find it easier to take a Barre or Essentrics class without eating first, especially when doing abs, abs and more abs.  And because the workout is not as intense, I am able to go an hour or two after workout and not be as hungry as when I do an aerobic or typical strength-training workout.

Here is a new Barre Workout to try:

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