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What we are all About

Barre, Essentrics, Pilates, Yoga

Why haul yourself over to the gym to workout?  Save your time and just grab your mat, chair and device; join the Alpharetta Barre Club.   If you live around Alpharetta, GA, feel free to come live to our studio.

Barre, Essentrics, Pilates and Yoga are very healing for your body.  These exercises are similar to going to Physical Therapy.  A moving, fast paced, challenging Physical Therapy that leaves you feeling so dang good.

Our classes meet you at your fitness level.  Strengthen your Core, Back, Hips, Legs and Arms all in one class!

Diana Moll's

Teaching Experience

Zoom in From Anywhere!

Live from Alpharetta

The Alpharetta Barre Club is in bedroom I converted to a barre room in my house.   You are welcome to come visit if you live around Alpharetta, GA.  If not, come ZOOM from anywhere around the world!  Classes can be recorded to do at anytime as well.

Wednesday is also free class day provided by the City of Alpharetta (ZOOM is available for this class as well).