Classical Pilates – There is Magic in the Sequence

Classical Pilates – There is Magic in the Sequence

I was trained in Classical Pilates Mat sequence in June of 2015, and I am a full believer there is Magic in the sequence. You work your abs, back, hips, shoulders, and thighs in a way that realigns your body. In the 1920’s Joseph Pilates opened his first “Contrology” studio. He did not called Pilates, Pilates, he called in Contrology because it takes control in your body to do the exercises properly and with strength.

Not all Pilates is Classical Pilates. Most Pilates classes you will take do the exercises out of sequence according to how the teacher wants to teach it, this is Contemporary Pilates. That is not bad, in fact, when I do Pilates in my Barre classes, I do not do the whole sequence either. However, Joseph Pilates did not teach this way in his studio at all. He taught the same exercises, in the same order, all the time. He did not only believe in the exercises, he believed they had to be done in a certain order to do the exercises properly. The exercises, the sequence, the control and the breath work is what makes Classical Pilates.

Let me tell you my experience with the sequencing. Back in 2015 I moved into my current house, it was right after I did my Pilates certification. All day long, 12-18 hours I moved junk, at the end of the day I was exhausted. The next day I woke up and felt like I have been hit by a truck. I thought, oh no, there is no way I can do anything today. I sat on the floor and did a basic 15 min sequence, and my goodness, I could do 18 more hours of work! Incredible how the Classical Pilates sequence realigned my body so I could move and continue.

Another experience I had, I was going on vacation to Puerto Rico. I had swallowed water down my airway and coughed so much I threw out my back. After 6 hours of sitting on a plane and arriving at my hotel I thought, crap, I cannot walk without pain. Again I sat on the floor of the hotel room, did my Classical Pilates sequence, and then I could walk all day and evening with no issues.

I am not saying this will work for you, but it is worth of try. On my Youtube Channel I posted a 15 minute Classical Pilates Sequence. If you want to try it below is the video. This is not the full sequence, the full sequence will take much longer than 15 minutes. This, however, the basic sequence I used to help “fix” my back when I needed to.

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