I Like Big Glutes, Let Me Tell You Why

I Like Big Glutes, Let Me Tell You Why

Strong core strong body, and strong Glutes, or butt, strong body too.   There are an advantages to having strong glutes.  Here are 7 of them:

1. Having a big butt benefits your heart and your overall health.   Abdominal fat is the one that produces higher glucose and triglyceride levels, while more junk in the trunk actually metabolizes glucose to prevent diabetes.

2. Having a big butt benefits your brain.  More Omega-3 fats are stored in your behind, which catalyze brain development.

3. Having a big butt benefits your sex life.  Having strong glutes is important for both your pelvic floor health and sex life. Your gluteus muscles counterbalance your pelvic floor, and if they are short and weak then often your pelvic floor muscles are also short and weak. Having strong glutes will help you have more stamina in the bedroom.

4. Having a big butt benefits your posture. Strong glutes and hamstrings help improve posture, alleviate lower back, hip and knee pain, enhance athletic performance, reduce bone density loss, and even burn fat (especially in the abdominal area).

5. Having a big butt may prevent injury.  Developing strong glutes is not only essential for optimal performance, but also can decrease your risk for injury in the knees, lower back, hamstrings and groin. Weak glutes can cause an imbalance in the hip, which may lead to excessive medial rotation of the femur and lateral tracking of the patella, thus potentially causing knee pain.

6. Having a big butt will help your athletic endurance. Strong glutes are essential in almost every sport, as they are responsible for accelerating, decelerating, changing directions and creating explosive power in jumps. They are also responsible for effective hip extension.

7. Let’s face it big butts look fantastic!

Want that strong butt?  Become a barre babe.  That is the best way to build your behind, this I cannot deny.

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