Bar Measurements for Barre Classes – Make a Home Bar

Bar Measurements for Barre Classes – Make a Home Bar

It is easy and affordable to make a bar at home for barre classes.

  • Decide on a location about 1-2 feet in length.
  • Purchase from Lowes or Home Depot or Local Hardware store:
          • handrail wooden bar – 1 ½ in X 2 ¼ Handrail molding
          • 2 stair handrail hardware – heavy duty handrail 2.5 inch brackets (2 brackets is best for every 1-2 feet of Bar)
          • a piece of wood to go underneath 1″ thickness
          • 2½ – 3 inch screws – 2 screws for every stud and one screw for every handrail hardware (to screw the handrail into the bracket)  The longer and thicker the screws, the more secure the bar will be.  A bar should be able to support your body weight.
  • Measure where the bar should be.  It depends on your height.  It should be about hip height.  On average, for a lower barre (5’2″ or shorter) the height is about 34 inches from floor to bottom of bar.  For a higher barre (for 5’3″ or taller) the height should be about 36 inches from floor to bottom of barre.  Ideally you should be able to rest your hand on the bar comfortably at hip height.
  • Mount the piece of wood into stud using wood screws and liquid nails
  • Attach the handrail hardware brackets 1-2 ft apart
  • Screw the handrail into the brackets
This Video Explains the Benefits to installing a home bar for Barre:




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