Dynamic Stretching vs Static Stretching

Dynamic Stretching vs Static Stretching

What is difference between Static stretching and Dynamic stretching?
Static stretching is where you hold a stretch for 15-30 seconds, or if you are doing Yin yoga, you hold the stretches for even longer, 1-3 minutes. Dynamic stretching, or active stretching is moving in and out of the stretch.

What is better Static or Dynamic Stretching?
There is evidence Static stretching done before a workout is completely ineffective in preparing the muscle for any sort of movement.   On the other hand, Dynamic stretching involves movements that prepare your body for the workout.  Dynamic Stretching can help improve power and increase coordination during your activity.  You are essentially warming up your body to what is to come.

When you static stretch you are only targeting a few specific muscles, this could cause imbalances in your body.  Whereas dynamic stretching incorporates more muscles and there is evidence more flexibility.

Should we still do Static Stretching?
Yes!  Static stretching is still effective after a workout to relieve muscle stiffness. Also, Yin yoga is very relaxing and makes you feel wonderful.  If you choose do hold poses longer, I would recommend not holding poses in a maximum stretch position.  Back off a bit.  Over stretching can cause injuries.

The Original Barre Method’s whole  warmup routine is dynamic stretching, all the exercises in the warmup prepare you for the workout.   Essentrics uses Dynamic stretching throughout the whole workout.   Yoga routines can be very dynamic, breathing and moving from one pose to the next.

On my Youtube Channel I posted a 15 Minute Stretching Infant Series.  Infant Series is from a Yin yoga routine, each pose is meant to be held for 1-3 minutes.  I made it more Dynamic, but there is still some Static stretching.  This Series is perfect for before or after a workout.