Fat vs Muscle

Fat vs Muscle

We have all heard the saying fat weighs less than muscle. I am a big believer in this. Since I started doing barre in 2015, I have noticed the number on the scale never really went down, but my body changed, somewhat sort of. I have never been small, I have never really dieted (I believe in lifestyle changes not diets). Sure it would be nice to be a size 2, but that ain’t never gonna happen to me, nor do I want to ever be a size 2, I enjoy eating and living life and not worrying about the scale. I prefer to have my body be determined by muscle, not a number on the scale.

Back in 2008 I mostly did cardio. Lots of dance classes, running, biking. I did Sprint Tri every summer and ran the 10k Peachtree Road Race too, every year for 10 years. I felt good, but my knees always needed to be iced. I felt pain in my body a lot more then than I do now even though I am 14 years older.

In 2015 I started teaching barre, and now I barre about 6 times a week. This is my new passion. I no longer do as much cardio, I try to walk instead. Even though I weigh more now, I have not had to change my wardrobe. Sure, I would be nice to lose 10 pounds, but I am happy with the size I am.

Barre definitely builds all those little muscles in your body you cannot name and never think of. My booty and legs are definitely more muscular, which is good as we age. There is scientific proof strong legs are is good for your brain as you age (check this article).

So live a little, barre a lot and don’t worry about that number on the scale, because after all, muscle weighs more than fat.