What are your Fitness Goals?

What are your Fitness Goals?

What are your fitness goals? To be a size 2? That might be achievable for some, but for many of us, an impossibility. There was a time in my life I lived by the scale and dreamed of losing that last 10 pounds. My day was good or bad by the number on a scale. That determined how much I would work out or eat that day.

Maybe have a goal to run a marathon or lift a certain amount of weight. Again, achievable for some, but for most of us we do not have the time, energy to achieve this. There was a time in my life where I did run a Sprint Tri every year, and I could lift heavy weights. But now as I age, do I want to put that much stress on my body or endure that much pain to achieve those goals?

As I age my goals are no longer to be thin or to squat a certain weight. Instead I wish to be healthy and not to live with any muscle pain. No back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, hip pain.

I also don’t want to be hungry all day. Back when I lifted weights and did lots of cardio, I was hungry all the time. I lived by when I could eat next. I felt guilty if I ate too much. My life was consumed with working out and what not to eat.

As I age, I learned to accept my fate. I still want to be strong, but not bulky, not hungry. I still want to be a healthy weight, but I no longer need to be thin. I have learned to appreciate my body for what it can do. I have learned to listen to my body more.

Barre, Essentrics, Yoga and Pilates are now what my body craves (with touch of cardio). These exercises help me to maintain my strength and weight without being so hungry all day, without the knee, back and hip pain. I actually do not feel much different in my strength from when I lifted heavy weights. In fact, I actually feel stronger now than I did years ago. Pain has a way of making you feel old, no pain in your body actually makes you feel younger.

So what are your fitness goals? Mine are to feel young, fit, strong and to not live with any joint paint in my body.

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