Let’s Talk Back Pain

Let’s Talk Back Pain

I first started experiencing back pain in my mid 30’s. It did not help I had a part time computer job that aggravated it when I sat too long.  Every few months I would throw out my back out and be in pain for days, sometimes weeks.  I once visited a Chiropractor, but was not into that neck and back cracking thing.  I prefer to heal my body naturally and not rely on a doctor.

In 2008, I discovered yoga.  Yoga was great, it took care of most of my back pain, but not all.  I added Pilates, that helped.  Pilates builds your core, whereas yoga realigns you body and fascia.   I still I had back pain, but did not throw my back out like I had done before.

In 2015 I discovered Barre, the American version.  It helped build my legs, butt and core some more, but still I had back pain.

Lottie Berk designed her barre workout to work your back.  She too had back issues she developed while throwing her back out teaching one of her classes.  With the help of a physical therapist she discovered the “Tilt”. The Tilt is needed to align the body properly and to specifically work the target muscles properly.  In 2019, I was certified with the London Method. The London Method teaches the Original Barre Method, the way Lottie Berk designed it to be.  Finally, most of my back pain was gone consistently.  It was incredible.

In 2021, I discovered Essentrics.  That was the final missing piece in my back pain going away pretty much completely. Essentrics works all 650 muscles in your body in a workout.  It works along the Fascia in the muscles, in a very unique and scientific way.  Almost like a Barre, Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi rolled into one class.  As I get certified in Essentrics (hopefully level 1 and 2 in 2022),  I will add more and more of it to my barre classes and yoga class”

“You are only as young as your spine is flexible”, said Joseph Pilates.   That is my goal as a fitness instructor, to keep my clients feeling young and flexible.