The End of a Stretch – What is this?

The End of a Stretch – What is this?

I never understood the end of a stretch until recently.  I have done yoga and stretched for years.  When I stretched, I would just stretch to the point where I would feel it.  I understood the difference between Dynamic and Static stretching, I used both techniques quite often as I taught.

Studying Essentrics Level 2, I learned what it is to stretch to the End.  Before I would hurry through a stretch, or just hold a static stretch, finding the end of a stretch is different.  It takes time to find the end of a stretch.  It takes imagery in your mind too.  You need stretch more, twist, bend here, there.  Basically, you add dimension to your movement.  A normal stretch is more one dimensional, on one plane, the end of the stretch adds dimensions and planes to the movement.   You move to the end where you cannot go any further.

Work with your muscles, find your maximum stretch.  For example, a normal stretch you reach your arm up, but to find the end of the stretch you reach higher, higher, higher, touch the ceiling, then push your arm back a bit, then add a lean to the side, find the end before you come out of it the stretch.

If you don’t find the end, you won’t find your maximum benefits.  Just doing the movements without finding the end you will get the benefits of circulation and burning calories, but adding the end of the stretch will add length to your muscles creating a leaner body.  Muscles become jammed and shortened, but reaching to the end will work to release and free your body.

Find freedom in your body, find the end of the stretch.  Here is a video I did that demonstrates moving to the end of a stretch in your waist.