What is Essentrics and why does Every Body need it?

What is Essentrics and why does Every Body need it?

Essentrics is a new exercise techinque – strength through flexibility.

It is kind of like yoga in the way yoga lengthens and twists to work the facia (Fascia is a thin casing of connective tissue that surrounds and holds every organ, blood vessel, bone, nerve fiber and muscle in place) in your body.

It is kind of like Pilates in the way Pilates works and strengthens your core.

It is kind of like barre in the way Barre (the Original Barre Method) works all the small muscles of your legs to build your leg strength.  Except Essentrics works all 650 muscles in your body in one workout.

It is kind of like Tai Chi in the way Tai Chi moves and flows and works all your muscles simultaneously.

Fitness has always been thought of as either strength or flexibility.  Most strength exercises shortens the muscles, but there is scientific studies coming out that lengthening the muscles strengthens muscles as well.  Essentrics does not tear the muscles like most strength training does.  It is gentle on the body.  Essentrics work the body like Ballet dancers do, working all muscles in a kind of dance.  Pound for pound dancers have more strength in their body than body builders.  They build sleek, long muscles from always lengthening the muscles.  Weight trainers, on the other hand, build short, contracted muscles.

Because you don’t use weights, there is less injury.  Because you start out at your own level, and work your own level, anyone can do Essentrics. Because you work all 650 muscles in your body, you build alignment.  You are only as strong as your weakest muscle.

Thus every body needs Essentrics to build, strengthen, lengthen and align the body.

I am in the middle of my Essentrics training, honestly the most extensive exercise training I have ever done (and I did 200 hours yoga training).  There are 4 levels to training.  I am in the middle of Level 1.  Already this has so greatly improved my knowledge as a teacher.  I cannot wait to finish level one and continue.  So keep coming for more.  The more I do Essentrics, the more empowered I feel, the stronger I feel, the more aligned I feel.  I can honestly say it has eliminated most if not all pain in my knees, back, feet, hips.  It is truly amazing.  Won’t you try this amazingly gentle, yet strong, workout.